Furnace Maintenance: An Essential Checklist

An ill maintained and inefficient furnace could be one of the major causes responsible for mounting energy bills. Besides, it could also prove to be hazardous for the residents! Thus, carrying out a basic annual furnace maintenance check is mandatory for ensuring its optimal working condition. Once the checklist has been adhered to, you would be completely confident with respect to the performance of your furnace. Before you begin furnace maintenance checks, make sure the power has been disconnected.

1.Cleaning the Exterior—The first point on the annual maintenance checklist should ideally be related to exterior cleaning. You need a vacuum cleaner to remove dead insects, debris, and accumulated dust. A soft clean cloth should be used for delicate surfaces and a hard toothbrush would be ideal for remote areas.

2.Checking on Leaks –Another important aspect of gas furnace maintenance would be leak inspection. Gas leaks can be detected through a rotten smell emanating from the furnace unit. Buying a detector can prove to be a prudent idea too. In case a leak is detected, you need to evacuate your premises immediately and call a professional.

3.Replacing Air Filter—Electric furnace maintenance involves changing the air filter at the right time. Although the time for replacement would be largely dependent on the thickness and quality of your filter, it would be essential to consider a replacement once every quarter or after 3 months has slipped by.  

4.Cleansing Burners—A comprehensive furnace maintenance checklist would also include a burner cleaning schedule. When furnace burners become coated with soot, dust and dirt, the efficiency of the furnace would be automatically compromised. Remove them first and then clean them adequately for guaranteeing maximum efficiency.

5.Clearing Vent Lines—Whether it’s an electric furnace maintenance schedule or gas furnace maintenance regimen, keeping the vent lines from clogging is critical. Also, it could lead to carbon monoxide gas poisoning. You will need a coat hanger, a soft cloth, and a brush for clearing the blockages. There may be a specific tool for this task but you can save money by using a coat hanger. If you do want to spend money on a tool you rarely use, then you may as well hire a professional. But if you want to save money and perform this possibly simple task yourself, you can use a coat hanger and a little ingenuity.

6.Monitoring Performance—In case your furnace is not delivering the desired performance, it may be time to call a certified servicer provider for furnace maintenance. There could be problems in the thermostat or some other components. You need to contact trusted sources or focused professional soon.

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